Saturday, October 24, 2009

Garden plans
This is a cool web site from my previous client (I delivered her baby about 12 yrs ago ). I so love all she stands for . Very cool. Wish more folks would do gardens......I hope next yr mine will be so nice that everyone who sees it will want to do one too ! I like gardening for so many reasons..Good for kids to learn, good to be outside and moving around, can get cheep organic produce, can help if there is a food shortage, gets you in touch with the outdoors, is pretty (esp if you add some flowers to it - I really like the edible ones) . My goal is to get a greenhouse set up this winter to make my own plants from seeds and to have a fun hang out place next to our new outside bread/pizza over thats 1/2 done. Pictures someday to follow (I hope )

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stuck in the Village

Tues went to Town to help at Craft center and to do SOMETHING else. didn know what hrs were so I was able to drop things off and visit for few min then had to wait at dock for over 2 hrs. Didnt have much to do so wrote a poem......

Sparkle on the water
Sets my heart free
O to be close to the sea
Where the fish will feed
The water heals
Much there do I feel
Simple living seams so close
Cares are left behind
I learn to unwind
sand , shells,seaglass and more
are Gods creative treasures
There for the finding it seams without measure
Then life beckons back to me
Its not all there
Come fly in the air
So back to reality

Monday, October 12, 2009

Another day in paradise

SO far a great Mon Am.Up at 4 am (Like usual here ). Had a nice clean up am. Stuff is all organised thats here, worked on sea glass jewelry, used plarn (plastic bags cut into strips and crochet into stuff). Can you tell I am running out of craft supplies? I will teach how to use it tomorrow at craft center. Nice to recycle but prefer more earthy yarn to crochet instead of plastic !. Might use my sample as a pot scrubber. Walked on beach and met with God (with help from my favorate worship bands and I pod). Then made yummy pasta with fresh basil..Got to love that plant !. Dr Quinn and Little house on the prairie helped to fill in gaps......Oh I also practiced my hoop dancing (hula hoop- Chris made out of pipe for me) Dont really have the dancing down but I can keep it up in the air :-)