Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Moms center vision

I have a vison of a place....... Where Moms could come and get so much ! Its so cool maybe our town would give us a building free?I wish I could clone myself to pull it off. I know others do this at some level in some areas..anyways here goes....
  • A Building in town called the Moms place.
  • Art, music,dance classes for kids and Moms
  • Natural Birth , Breastfeeding, nutrition classes etc
  • drop in play group for moms and kids wanting to PLAY and fellowship
  • coop for natural food
  • PNV and PPV could be done there for homebirth clients
  • A resource lib of books, videos etc could be used there (on nutrition, finances,kids, etc)
  • referrals for other community resources
  • Health food snack bar
  • all at low cost so all could come
  • school tutoring could be done there while moms and other kids do other things
  • Free clothes, toy exchange
  • O God ..If this be YOU then let it happen. Through me or someone else. There are so many needs out there.I know it could be a good thing for so many.All towns need a place like this!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Living Simple ?

Didn't realize how behind I am on this.In my mind I blog all the time....find cool pictures, read blog magazines etc .O to have the time to really do it.Someday.... thats my goal ! I also want a cool etsy shop and link all my cool crafts I make and sell.(But what is there left to do?? Seams like its already all  ben done. ! I get dizzy looking at all the cook stuff on there. ) I love the sayings and ideas of just living simple...Sounds and feels so right.But to do it...HOW ???? ......What can I cut out?? Its all so good.AND I just added to it all.I am taking a Dance for Birth instructor class in 2 weeks to teach belly dance to pregnant ladies and new moms. PLUS  Twin grandkids age 6  want me to do a kid art class after school which  is up my alley .Have cool art studio that will be fun to use to do it. O what to call it Dancing daughters paint, Daughter of the King, Stars and Hearts club.?.The list goes on .Maybe God will show me in a dream ..Too busy to figure it out . well at least my new broom was bought today now I can keep up with my grandbaby who will be here at 7 am .....What was that about living simple???