Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Caribbean sea

Looks like I am holding the ocean up in this self portrait. This is trash beach where I got all my pieces of wood/net etc to make gifts for folks.I have been know as recycle queen before.

Looks better in person but you get the idea.

End of day. The raft keeps me away from the sharks ( I hope :-) )

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Adventures in Barbuda 9/26/09

Such a nice day exploring Barbuda .Ist the Beach and caves. Saw Indian Marks on the wall inside. Had to crawl some. Shouldn't have worn a skirt but at least I had my Keen hiking shoes on ! You can really see how folks could have lived in caves. They are right on the ocean and whole hill was made of coral! Don't ask me how that happens ??? Anyways saw many hermit crabs of all sizes and made sure not to step on any. Then off to To Trash Bay which I names recycle bay.(the side of island that trash /fish nests etc land on coral rocks on shore ). Found cool driftwood boards,dried crab shells,fishnet, shells,corral etc which I later  made into cool name plaques when glued all together. Fun gifts to bring home. Then climbed hill to ruins of THE Big house from the 1700 .( Owner of the slaves that lived here.) Like others in the past... found pottery/glass pieces.  Someone here had previous pieces carbon dated and sure enough they are from early 1700 ! Glued some on plaques I made. Will teach the recycle crafts project to ladies in village next week.

Friday, September 25, 2009

..My 1st blog post !

This is all new to me but a passion I have had for awhile. One of those goals in life that gets pushed aside by other things that scream louder. Now that we are in Barbuda for a season part time ..I have time to do this. its kind of nice NOT having a cell phone and NOT being on call after 24 yrs ! Heck we dont even have mail here ! But we do have ocean on 1 side and lagoon on the other. Will post a picture if I can figure out how :-).. I am also finding time to get to know my new Mac laptop (and my husband) better..Well off to sea kyack........