Thursday, February 9, 2012

Getting organised

Wow its almost 1 yr since my last post ! Who would tell that I really do love to blog ? In fact one of my favorite random things to do is to look at those cool blogging magazines and wish I was one of them :-). I know my life is exciting enough! Since last post I have been to NY (upstate) to see relatives with husband (we put in some water gardens 3 in fact) and had a nice vacation time. Also have led Midwife mission trips to the Dominican Republic and Africa . You would think those each deserve a entry . But my problem has been OVERLOAD BUSY ! So my new solution is to get even more organised ! Just got encouraged by a client (who I delivered and am now HER midwife ) her Prenatal about a book I read many yrs ago.Its called sidetracked home executives .It has you organize your daily/weekly tasks into 3x5 cards and do them daily, then file for next week.So far (day 2 ) its working.I have done vitamins,green drinks,protein shakes,Bible reading, exercise along with random office tasks I have been putting off.Plus I included some fun things like sewing,and blogging daily too.(Thats why I am here now). I do juggle alot ..In fact I am watching my 3 grand kids today and waiting on a client in early labor today .But I thin k to get done all I need to do I need to stay ORGANISED ! Its so much more fun working/crafting in a clean space too.Paperwork is what kills me but if its filed,tossed etc quicker there is less around.Picture is of my sister when she came for visit and we cut up wool sweaters.She made these 2 pillows for my grand kids.These are the fun things in life I want to make more time for. Hope to post more to share my organised life :-) ..Hope it lasts :-)