Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dare to Dream

I Love This picture ! We use to have a home group called Dare To Dream.I am catching the vision again...We have so many good ideas...Need them to be God ideas for us to do them...Land next door is for sale..Would help us expand our retreat center and we can teach and impart Green living, gardening, creative arts (so want to start a girls club with the grand baby twins and their friends...soon ! ) Keep looking for mini donkey/horse to have for our petting zoo.Playing around with raw food..Not a purest but Man o Man How do people say alive of soda,white bread,sugar etc??? I guess some dont.Would love to do a healing center here with real food cooking, etc.Maybe a B&B for next yr to get started..? I want to do more the just dream I want to do it all ! O God guide us, provide for the vision....Your vision for what you want us to do...Protect us and use us..Aman