Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Babies grow up

Its so fun when you can follow the babies you deliver.
This one I had my students pluck out of a water birth tub.I went on to be quite close with the family and would take all 3 girls camping ,did sleep overs, hosted birthday partys and even danced at church with them. I am mama Lisa to them just like my grandkids :-)

.This one is a grandbaby I was lucky to catch! We have a special bond and love to sew,shop garden,and go to church.Love it when my daughterlinlaw needs a sitter !
This one I delivered 20 something yrs ago.She grew up mostly in Africa as mission kid and came by to show me how to use my bread oven I made. Awesome pizza! cant wait to try bread too soon. I was also her Midwife till she miscarried.She is a joy to be around.
I Love the growing season..Its so full of LIFE. Just like my garden spring is in the air and baby tomatoes are doing their thing in the greenhouse. we just need to water , nurture and protect and they will bloom.