Thursday, February 9, 2012

Getting organised

Wow its almost 1 yr since my last post ! Who would tell that I really do love to blog ? In fact one of my favorite random things to do is to look at those cool blogging magazines and wish I was one of them :-). I know my life is exciting enough! Since last post I have been to NY (upstate) to see relatives with husband (we put in some water gardens 3 in fact) and had a nice vacation time. Also have led Midwife mission trips to the Dominican Republic and Africa . You would think those each deserve a entry . But my problem has been OVERLOAD BUSY ! So my new solution is to get even more organised ! Just got encouraged by a client (who I delivered and am now HER midwife ) her Prenatal about a book I read many yrs ago.Its called sidetracked home executives .It has you organize your daily/weekly tasks into 3x5 cards and do them daily, then file for next week.So far (day 2 ) its working.I have done vitamins,green drinks,protein shakes,Bible reading, exercise along with random office tasks I have been putting off.Plus I included some fun things like sewing,and blogging daily too.(Thats why I am here now). I do juggle alot ..In fact I am watching my 3 grand kids today and waiting on a client in early labor today .But I thin k to get done all I need to do I need to stay ORGANISED ! Its so much more fun working/crafting in a clean space too.Paperwork is what kills me but if its filed,tossed etc quicker there is less around.Picture is of my sister when she came for visit and we cut up wool sweaters.She made these 2 pillows for my grand kids.These are the fun things in life I want to make more time for. Hope to post more to share my organised life :-) ..Hope it lasts :-)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Babies grow up

Its so fun when you can follow the babies you deliver.
This one I had my students pluck out of a water birth tub.I went on to be quite close with the family and would take all 3 girls camping ,did sleep overs, hosted birthday partys and even danced at church with them. I am mama Lisa to them just like my grandkids :-)

.This one is a grandbaby I was lucky to catch! We have a special bond and love to sew,shop garden,and go to church.Love it when my daughterlinlaw needs a sitter !
This one I delivered 20 something yrs ago.She grew up mostly in Africa as mission kid and came by to show me how to use my bread oven I made. Awesome pizza! cant wait to try bread too soon. I was also her Midwife till she miscarried.She is a joy to be around.
I Love the growing season..Its so full of LIFE. Just like my garden spring is in the air and baby tomatoes are doing their thing in the greenhouse. we just need to water , nurture and protect and they will bloom.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Remember HIM

Its that time again....Huddling close to the heater .Trying to create a gift for everyone.Getting ready for mission trip I lead 2 days after Christmas..How did life get so busy? Thank God for those almost daily bubble baths with a good book (and tea) ! Feels so good to get those projects done ! Rooms cleaned up ,packages mailed. Just need to find that time to spend with Him ..The one that created me............. Excited to start my daily outline of Bible reading Jan 1 again. Feel so good eating food in the way it was created to be eaten (Lots of raw yummy stuff ).Thats given me energy to keep up with myself. Thank You God for giving us your Son.Help us to find new ways to experience and know Him

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dare to Dream

I Love This picture ! We use to have a home group called Dare To Dream.I am catching the vision again...We have so many good ideas...Need them to be God ideas for us to do them...Land next door is for sale..Would help us expand our retreat center and we can teach and impart Green living, gardening, creative arts (so want to start a girls club with the grand baby twins and their friends...soon ! ) Keep looking for mini donkey/horse to have for our petting zoo.Playing around with raw food..Not a purest but Man o Man How do people say alive of soda,white bread,sugar etc??? I guess some dont.Would love to do a healing center here with real food cooking, etc.Maybe a B&B for next yr to get started..? I want to do more the just dream I want to do it all ! O God guide us, provide for the vision....Your vision for what you want us to do...Protect us and use us..Aman

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Moms center vision

I have a vison of a place....... Where Moms could come and get so much ! Its so cool maybe our town would give us a building free?I wish I could clone myself to pull it off. I know others do this at some level in some areas..anyways here goes....
  • A Building in town called the Moms place.
  • Art, music,dance classes for kids and Moms
  • Natural Birth , Breastfeeding, nutrition classes etc
  • drop in play group for moms and kids wanting to PLAY and fellowship
  • coop for natural food
  • PNV and PPV could be done there for homebirth clients
  • A resource lib of books, videos etc could be used there (on nutrition, finances,kids, etc)
  • referrals for other community resources
  • Health food snack bar
  • all at low cost so all could come
  • school tutoring could be done there while moms and other kids do other things
  • Free clothes, toy exchange
  • O God ..If this be YOU then let it happen. Through me or someone else. There are so many needs out there.I know it could be a good thing for so many.All towns need a place like this!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Living Simple ?

Didn't realize how behind I am on this.In my mind I blog all the time....find cool pictures, read blog magazines etc .O to have the time to really do it.Someday.... thats my goal ! I also want a cool etsy shop and link all my cool crafts I make and sell.(But what is there left to do?? Seams like its already all  ben done. ! I get dizzy looking at all the cook stuff on there. ) I love the sayings and ideas of just living simple...Sounds and feels so right.But to do it...HOW ???? ......What can I cut out?? Its all so good.AND I just added to it all.I am taking a Dance for Birth instructor class in 2 weeks to teach belly dance to pregnant ladies and new moms. PLUS  Twin grandkids age 6  want me to do a kid art class after school which  is up my alley .Have cool art studio that will be fun to use to do it. O what to call it Dancing daughters paint, Daughter of the King, Stars and Hearts club.?.The list goes on .Maybe God will show me in a dream ..Too busy to figure it out . well at least my new broom was bought today now I can keep up with my grandbaby who will be here at 7 am .....What was that about living simple???

Friday, March 26, 2010

Busy Busy

Winter Babies...
Have had some fast ones .Go Sara ! (arrived at the birth center ready to push with 1st baby !)

Had some slow ones..ended up in hospital with 1 for it being over 36 hrs with SLOW progress. Sure was a joy when that one finally arrived..Still was a nice birth and they were happy.

Snow has fallen a few
times this winter. Glad for the wood stove (but not the mess and smoke) . also glad spring is in the air and wood stove is back resting again in the barn !I would so like one of those out side wood
stoves someday ! Even if we do live in S.C.

Grand kids have had birthdays..I made the dresses..still deciding if pink one is a day dress or PJs :-).Oh dont those little girls LOVE their Birth day partys !

Twins got flower girls dresses as they were in a wedding party here at the house a week later.

Fun new craft project I discovered.You attach pictures to smooth glass and make cool gifts.I really like the ones at added Bible verses to.
I love this new program I found on my computer ! Took in my living room with out a camera ! Go computer ! Ok well I think I am kind of caught much for posting daily ! Will show off my new greenhouse, Chris new semi, and my Dom Rep trip thats next week in future posts. By for now...