Friday, March 26, 2010

Busy Busy

Winter Babies...
Have had some fast ones .Go Sara ! (arrived at the birth center ready to push with 1st baby !)

Had some slow ones..ended up in hospital with 1 for it being over 36 hrs with SLOW progress. Sure was a joy when that one finally arrived..Still was a nice birth and they were happy.

Snow has fallen a few
times this winter. Glad for the wood stove (but not the mess and smoke) . also glad spring is in the air and wood stove is back resting again in the barn !I would so like one of those out side wood
stoves someday ! Even if we do live in S.C.

Grand kids have had birthdays..I made the dresses..still deciding if pink one is a day dress or PJs :-).Oh dont those little girls LOVE their Birth day partys !

Twins got flower girls dresses as they were in a wedding party here at the house a week later.

Fun new craft project I discovered.You attach pictures to smooth glass and make cool gifts.I really like the ones at added Bible verses to.
I love this new program I found on my computer ! Took in my living room with out a camera ! Go computer ! Ok well I think I am kind of caught much for posting daily ! Will show off my new greenhouse, Chris new semi, and my Dom Rep trip thats next week in future posts. By for now...

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