Saturday, October 24, 2009

Garden plans
This is a cool web site from my previous client (I delivered her baby about 12 yrs ago ). I so love all she stands for . Very cool. Wish more folks would do gardens......I hope next yr mine will be so nice that everyone who sees it will want to do one too ! I like gardening for so many reasons..Good for kids to learn, good to be outside and moving around, can get cheep organic produce, can help if there is a food shortage, gets you in touch with the outdoors, is pretty (esp if you add some flowers to it - I really like the edible ones) . My goal is to get a greenhouse set up this winter to make my own plants from seeds and to have a fun hang out place next to our new outside bread/pizza over thats 1/2 done. Pictures someday to follow (I hope )

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